Warranty liability of VapeShop retail network is regulated by the current legislation of Ukraine, including Law of Ukraine «On Protection of Consumers’ Rights», as amended.

All obligations under the warranty products we carry out without exterior help. So, we established the warranty period for the following equipment:

  • batteries for electronic cigarettes – 3 months;
  • chargers, cables, power adapters, adapters – 3 months;
  • battery modules and MODs (except clearomizers) – 3 months.

Pay attention: according to the Order of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine 172 of 19 March 1994 (as amended and supplemented), evaporators and interchangeable elements to them, the liquid for electronic cigarettes, and other items of personal use are not returnable and refundable.

If a fault occurs in the electronic cigarette, contact the seller of the outlet VapeShop, where this product was bought. You should have check and the warranty card to the failed product. Your consultant will assess the damage and advise you about further actions.

If the store staff did not solve your problem – fill in the feedback form on this website.


Have a nice vaping!