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SC Metrograd

SC Metrograd

SC Metrograd

It is very easy to buy electronic cigarettes in Kyiv, if you are in the Metrograd – come to the VapeShop!

VapeShop store in the shopping center “Metrograd” is a unique vaping in the «Underground» style. We know that it is the easiest way to buy electronic cigarettes in the center if Kiev, best of all, in the Metrograd!


Moreover, there are as many as three stores of healthy smoking VapeShop in the shopping center “Metrograd” (underground):

  • “Metrograd-2”, Kiev city, Bessarabskaya square, under the former Lenin monument
  • “Metrograd-3”, Kiev city, L’va Tolstogo square, entrance to “Metrograd” at the left side, near “shop EVA”

Working hours:

“Metrograd-2”: Monday – Sunday: 10:00-20:00

“Metrograd-3”: Monday – Sunday: 10:00-21:00


Top model for vape

VapeShop offers a wide range of goods for vaping.

Specify the availability and prices of retail outlets

Type Title
Battery Ego 1100 mAh, Ego 1300 mAh,Ego II 2200 mAh, Evod 1100 mAh passthrough, Evod 1100 mAh, Vision Spinner II
e-Liquid Aqua 15 мл, Aqua 60 мл, De-Bang, Dekang, Oplus, Youjin, Yasumi
Charger USB for E-cig
Charger A/C
Case Large, Small, Middle, Long narrow
Clearomizer Aspire BDC, Aspire BDC CE5-S, iСlear 16 Dualcoil, VGO D(Gratio Dual, Tango D)
Replacement coil Aspire, CE Kanger Dualcoil, iСlear 16 Dualcoil, VGO (Gratio Dual, Tango D), Joyetech BF SS316, Elife iJust 2, iJust S, Мelo
E-cig Joyetech Ego AIO 1500, Joyetech Ego AIO D16, Joyetech Ego AIO D22, Joyetech Ego AIO Pro C, Ealeaf iJust S, J 510-1 Winning, YouJin ME-4, VGO 900 мАч
Boxmod Kanger SUBOX Mini Starter Kit Black Edition, Kanger SUBOX Mini Starter Kit White Edition

4 thoughts on “SC Metrograd

  1. Назар says:

    Со скольки лет можно покупать вейп

    1. admin says:

      Добрый день!
      Наша компания продает вейптовары лицам, достигшим совершеннолетия.

  2. Назар says:

    Сколько стоит ай Джаст эс

    1. admin says:

      Добрый день!
      В настоящий момент цена составляет 910 грн.

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